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Frequently Asked Questions

Are divorce records kept in the Recorders office?
No, those records are at the Clerk of the District Court.  The phone number is (319) 398-3411.
Does the Linn Co. Recorder have records for out of the county births and deaths?
No, visit the Iowa Department of Public Health web site or call them at (515) 281-4944.
When are licenses available for sale?
Hunting/Fishing licenses go on sale December 15 for the following calendar year.
If I'm 65, do I need a habitat stamp for fishing or hunting?
You do not need a habitat stamp for either if you are at least 65 years of age. 
Can a boat be transferred on an expired registration?
Yes, the current owner may sign their last registration on the back of the certificate and provide a signed and dated Bill of Sale.
Where do I apply for homestead/military tax credit?
If your home is in Cedar Rapids,  you would go to the Cedar Rapids Assessor.  If you are outside of Cedar Rapids, you would go to the Linn Co. Assessor.
Where do I find articles of incorporation for business?
You would find these articles at the Secretary of State office.
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