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Boats, Snowmobiles & ATVs

Boat Registrations

Type/Length 1st Year 2nd Year 3rd Year
No Motor-No Sail $13.25 $9.25 $5.25
Motor Sail < 16 ft $23.75 $16.25 $8.75
Motor Sail 16 < 26 ft $37.25 $25.25 $13.25
Motor Sail 26 < 40 ft $76.25 $51.25 $26.25
Motor Sail > 40 ft $151.25 $101.25 $51.25
All Personal Watercraft $46.25 $31.25 $16.25
Documented Vessels $26.25 $17.85 $9.55

*2nd and 3rd year columns are only for new boats. For renewal fees, use 1st year column. If the registration is already expired, there is a $5.00 penalty added to the renewal fee.

Transfer Fee: $2.25
Duplicate Fee: $2.25

*Boat Titles

Boat Titles are $10 each plus $10 with a lien.

Snowmobile & ATV Registrations

The annual registration fee is $17.75
Jan. 1 thru Dec. 31 every year.

Duplicate Fee: $7.75

Transfers can be made with a signed and dated Bill of Sale and signed Title Certificate.

Owner's will be charged a $5 penalty for sleds and ATV's not transferred within 30 days from purchase date.

Snowmobile & ATV Titles

Title Fee without Lien: $11.50
Title Fee with Lien: $23.00


DNR Regulations

Downloadable Documents

Application for New, Renews, Transfers and Duplicate Registrations
TitleDuplicate Title
Security Interest (Lien)


*Transfers can be made with a signed and dated Bill of Sale and signed registration and Title (if applicable).

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